Label Design, Packaging, Naming

The design for the new wine labels of the winery Meteori Gea have an obvious narrative character. Starting from the name, we called them “Rail Vine Crossing”, as the design is inspired by and narrates a part of the history of Greek railways. With the illustration on the label we express the ambiguous meaning of lines, vines and railways, and their intersections with the blend of the grape varieties.

Railway signal lamps, metal stamps, vintage typography, and vines were printed on the special paper “Moonlight Arconvert”, for translucent details that become noticeable the closer you get to the wine, resulting in a white relief engraving on the white surface, colored by the lighting.

The vineyards are behind the Meteora rocks, and just a few kilometres further, one can discover an abandoned train station building that the train lines never reached as the second World War interrupted the expansion of the railway. The train, known as the “Kalabaka Train”, arrived there in the year 1886 connecting the city with Volos. President of the Thessalian Railways, was then the father of the painter Giorgio de Chirico. The lines of vines that run through the estate vineyards, and the train tracks, are the inspiration for the creation of this wines series, honoring the vision, the railway stations and our history.