Pilinos Natural Red

Packaging, Illustration, Naming

The amphora is an ancient Greek vessel made of clay, featuring painted surfaces depicting battles and struggles of heroes and gods, or everyday scenes from human life, as well as characteristic geometric patterns. They were used for storing and transporting liquids such as oil, wine, and other fluids and often given as gifts during competitions and events. They were also used for wine fermentation.

We named the natural wines ‘PILINOS’ because they are vinified today using the same ancient and natural method in similar vessels. And when you pronounce this word, it sounds aptly like wine made from clay. On the black and brown labels for red wines, the image of such a black amphora stands out from the background with UV varnish screen printing, and the preserved broken pieces are highlighted with gold or copper hot foil. The brand name of the wines is designed in the Greek alphabet and resembles the geometric decorations of the vessel.