Petit Oineonas Christiane Jardel Souflerou

Logo Design, Identity, Packaging

In ancient Greek there were two different words to describe the vineyard; “ampelonas” was the vineyard that produced grapes to be eaten fresh, while the grapes from an “οeneonas” vineyard were used specifically for making wine.
This is the reason why the Greek professor of oenology Dr. E. Soufleros together with his French wife Christiane Jardel who comes from Bordeaux, decided to give their own Chateau the name “Petit Οινεώνας”. The couple produces rose and red wines combining the scientific knowledge and experience of both their homelands.
We designed the label inspired by the elements and spirit of the typical French wine labels and their elegant & austere typography. To portray the chateau we created a minimal and rigorous type of illustration. The design of the logo-signature of Christiane Jardel-Soufleros is based on the monogram “CJS” and depicts a rooster, which is an emblem of France. The whole design resembles a plain classic French label with hints of golden foil and embossed typography.