Label Design, Packaging

Orpheus is a mythical figure of Greek mythology and according to Pindar he is the father of songs. A poet, singer and inventor of the lyre and drums, he is considered a pioneer of western culture and has been a famous subject of classical painting and opera through the myth “Orpheus and Eurydice”.
The Thracian distillery-winery that produces this aged brandy (cognac) is located in the geographical area of Greece called Thrace, the homeland of Orpheus. This limited-edition liquor ages with local honey in oak barrels and acquires a light sweet aftertaste and the characteristic aroma of honeycomb.
The packaging design is inspired by this sense of the sweet music that Orpheus created with his lyre and fascinated everyone; gods, humans and wild beasts. The Monogram we designed from the characters O (Orpheus) and H (Honey) form the shape of the lyre instrument with the face of Eurydice. The bottle was printed with gold foil and then baked at 600 degrees C.