Mountain Pathways

Packaging, Illustration, Wines, Label design

The “Mountain Pathways” wines come from vineyards located in Epirus, the Greek geographical region that is dominated by high mountains. The climate in the winter is strongly alpine and the snow remains at the top of the mountains even throughout the mild summertime. A visitor can enjoy the diverse landscape of Epirus, with forests, rivers and lakes, through passageways with mountaineering, climbing and kayaking. Following the mountain routes he will also meet hillsides, with vineyards of native and international varieties. Inspired by this, we named and designed the labels of the Zitsa cooperative wineries.
The mountain peaks are outlined with black lines and emphasized by the use of UV varnish and emboss. By touching those lines one can perceive the path and the concept of a preplanned journey in variable conditions. The typographical composition with the Greek letters “ο” and “δ” (the acronyms of the wine’s name “ορεινές διαδρομές”) is placed at the center of the label.
Up in the sky over the mountain tops, the routes of those letters end at the shapes of two planets. They are the sun and the moon that influence the small berries of the grape with their own major routes.