Packaging, Illustration, Naming

Retsina, with its characteristic aroma of the natural resin of the pine tree, is a type of white wine made exclusively in Greece. It has its roots in ancient Greece, where the aromatic resin which was used to seal the amphora, permeated the wine and gave it its distinctive flavour. Until today, small pieces of pine resin are added during the fermentation of the must, and this is why the Retsina wine is characterized as a ‘protected designation of origin’. Retsina usually accompanies seafood.

On the label of this folk wine we designed a mermaid, the mythical entity with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish, which appears in the Greek folklore and literature.

We created the design form of the mermaid aiming to achieve a contemporary and overall modern image of the product, as the goal of this minimal design is to attract a special and younger audience.

The geometrical depiction of the waves-fishes, with the use of metallic hot stamping foil, transmits the feeling of the Mediterranean light which is reflected on the body of the mermaid. The printing techniques used on the label -hot stamping foil, embossing and UV varnish- add new elements to the reposition of the branding of the Retsina wine.

The name Μαργαριτάρι (Pearl, en.) carries the precious uniqueness and qualities of a pearl.