Packaging, Illustration, Logos, Naming

Kalifyton is a Greek company that produces jams and spreads from carefully picked fruits, growing at the farms of Drama’s mountains. Their products contain blackberry, silverberry and sea buckthorn (Hippophaes), a plant known for its healing properties by the ancient references of Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle and also of Dioscorides, the father of pharmacy.

The name Hippophaes comes from the Greek words hippos & phaos (horse & shining). During the military campaigns of Alexander the Great, the wounded horses recovered in a shorter time, and acquired more power and a shiny mane, when fed with the leaves and fruits of the sea buckthorn plant.

The decorative style and colors of ancient Greek pottery were the main influence of the illustration of the horses for the buckthorn products, and the birds for the rest of the fruits. This pictorial narration stimulates the feeling of a lifestyle close to nature that benefits from this balanced physical and mental relationship with the environment.