Grammy Wine

Packaging, Illustration, Naming

Vineyards are cultivated in Greece from one end to the other, and each region is characterized by local varieties and PGI wines.
The Grammenos Winery is located on the famous island of Corfu. A visit there offers a wonderful tasting experience. The island is known, among other things, for vine cultivation and wine production. The local varieties of Petrokoritho and Kakotrygis impart unique characteristics to the PGI wines of the region. To refresh the appearance of these wines they contacted our studio.
We designed the new logo and label for four wines, three of which are presented here. The unified design, based on a monogram (with the initials of the variety and the winery’s name), gives each wine a unique identity. The new elegant appearance of the wines is enhanced by the technique of silk screen varnish, which adds volume to the applied areas, hot gold foil, and embossing on the monograms.