Fresco Nouveau

Packaging, Illustration, Naming

We didn’t have to look far, to get inspired for the design of the label for this “Nouveau” wine from Crete, Greece. Instead, we researched the rich Minoan art, and were inspired by the magnificent Cretan frescoes, for the illustration and the naming of the wine. The word Fresco, besides describing the technique mural painting, also means “fresh” which is synonymous to the specific type of wine.
The blue bird among the wild flowers is an stereotypical image of the naturalistic designs of the Minoan Art, and the alteration of vivid colours creates a vibrant yet harmonic tone.
The ancient culture of this region continues to inspire the days and works of today, like the fresco wine, that is produced from the local variety Kotsifali, and of course the label, that reflects the high value of authenticity and origin of the wine.