For Kings | Redesign

Packaging, Label design, Illustration, Naming

The redesigning of the Ampelou Chora wine labels, had one main intention, to imprint the value of the wines through the virtues of minimalistic design. Our pursuit was to create a clean and bold identity, characteristic of those excellent wines. On the surface of the white porous paper, like on a bright screen, the same figure portrays two different roles, the King and the Actor, and performs the same theatrical action, that of giving a wine toast to health, “yamas” as it is said in Greek. The similarity of the figures we designed with the figures of the playing cards, suggest a wine tasting game where luck will always be on your side.
The golden foil and pink copper details  are the only colors of the labels that, together with the embossed white patterns, create a visual and tangible ensemble, and stimulate the feeling of a very exceptional wine choice.